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The Return of the F Word

This has been a brutally cold winter – with the Polar Vortex overstaying its welcome and snow falling so frequently, that shoveling could become an Olympic sport! With this season also comes the prevalence of the F word. No matter where you turn – among friends, family members and even complete strangers, it seems that the F word is all around us.

The F word I refer to is the Flu and according to the CDC, influenza typically peaks in January and February. Forty-one states have reported widespread geographic influenza activity, and thirteen states report high influenza like illnesses.

Older adults are at risk for contracting the flu because of their weakened immune systems, so it is imperative to protect yourself with a flu vaccine. It is not too late to get one, as flu season will be with us until spring. If you are not sure if you have the flu, or just a cold, keep in mind that flu symptoms typically occur quickly with aches, chills, headache and/or fever. It is more intense than the common cold, and will leave you feeling extremely tired and weak.

If you do get a chill here, a fever there and an ache everywhere, a cupful of chicken soup will make you feel better in no time. Our Hebrew Home chefs share their secret recipe for grandma’s chicken soup in this video.

Concerned you are at risk for getting the flu? There’s an app for that. Check out these six apps that help fight the flu.

The Hebrew Home has taken significant precautions both before and during Flu season to protect our residents, visitors and staff against the virus. If you are visiting the Hebrew Home, we ask that you use common sense – if you feel under the weather, postpone your visit until you feel better.

The groundhog saw his shadow on February 2nd, so hang tight -- spring is just a few weeks away.

Live Well.

President & CEO



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